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Vincent climbing the Surls stairs to clean the sculpture.

Vincent was born in California & spent his early years in Venezuela, Mexico and Texas. From an early age he found purpose and pleasure in the world of creativity. He began drawing and sculpting as a means of entertainment. As Vince grew older, his subject matter became refined & his techniques improved. While attending college at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) to earn a History degree, he took a sculpture class with Roger Columbik. He learned the principles of bronze casting & basic 3-D design. Roger’s class opened up a new realm of sculpting for Vince: the entire process - from conceiving of the sculpture to carrying the piece through the casting & finishing process. 


Vince’s sculptural subject matter is widely varied. Due to his interest in nature, history, & science fiction, Vince creates pieces that range from life-size native Texas wildlife species to historical figures & fantasy creatures.  Vince intertwines the natural world with Science Fiction & Fantasy & poses many questions about future worlds.

Vincent is the recepient of several awards:

  • 2020 nomination for a chesley award for "unbridled & unfettered'

  • 2018 nomination for Best 3d art for "fever dream #17"

  • 2014 Best of Show, ConGlomeration

  • 2012: Chesley Award, Best 3-D Art, "Robo-Bike"

  • 2010: Chesley Award, Best 3-D Art, "The Switching Hour"

  • 2009: Chesley Award, Best 3-D Art, "Otherworldly Procession"

  • 2008: Jurors' Award, World Science Fiction Convention, "The Celestial Itinerant"

  • 2007: Chesley Award, Best 3-D Art, "A Conscious Entity & Its Maker", Body of Work award, World Fantasy Convention

  • 2006: Best 3-D Art, World Fantasy Convention, "The Poacher's Nightmare"



Vincent casting a bronze sculpture.

Ever wondered how to cast bronze? here's a short video by ran shneck & stephen vaquera.

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